Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's All About Oil

It's all about oil, everything started with oil and it will end with oil.

That's a big statement so let me break it apart and make sense of it.

'It's all about oil,'

Every issue we face today such as pollution, declining resources, declining fish stocks, declining arable land, declining ground water, climate change, and over-population all started with oil.

In the begining of Industrial Man, there was coal and with coal came the steam engine. This technology, while high on carbon emmisions, would have kept us at fairly sustainable numbers and limited our technological expansion somewhat, preventing the fast paced, convenient consumer life style we have today in the developed world.

'everything started with oil'

Then came oil and internal combustion as well as the unimaginable amount of materials and chemicals derived from petroleum. (Plastics, paints, paint thinners, detergents, fertilizers, and on and on.) This began the death spiral of human expansion and the race to convert the earth into people, our products and our waste.

'and it will end with oil.'

Technology continues to be developed, produced and distributed via a fossil fuel dependent infrastructure and operating paradigm. Studies have shown that alternative energies cannot provide the kind of versatile and energy dense power that fossil fuels provide. We cannot build enough alternative energy to power our societies AND maintain these alternative energy devices. Their production and distribution depend far too much on many links that can only be secured with fossil fuels.

When the oil requires more energy to extract and refine then the amount of energy we get from the refined product, our industrial civilization stops. That is what is happening right now. We are not in a depression or a recession. We are in the death throws of our fossil fuel dependent way of life.

Thanks for reading and for joining me on the journey of life.

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