Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Condition and Control - How the Governments and Corporations Will Use the Energy Crisis To Maintain the Police State While Selectively Starving the Population

What's The Problem?

To put it as simply as possible, there are too many people on planet earth. Because of that fact we are now dealing with the following issues:

1) Weather related crop failures and infrastructure destruction from the effects of Anthropomorphic Global Warming.
2) Risk from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) to our health and the environment.
3) Loss of species (extinction) averaging more than 600 times the normal background rate.
4) Ocean Acidification and ocean dead zones due to agricultural and waste water runoff.
5) The triggering of several (possibly irreversible) climate warming/atmospheric composition changing feedback loops.
6) Food scarcity/cost increases and the health and political side effects.
7) Our food is grown, processed and shipped using fossil fuels that are depleting fast.
8) Increased energy and material costs as well as decreasing quality of remaining energy and mineral deposits.

Population pressures not only become apparent in relation to resources. As a society, we face many mental and physical difficulties when dealing with population pressures.

No species has been able to grow beyond the  naturally set limits and not face population collapse or extinction. We are no exception. While we have currently exceeded the natural limits for our species, we are on borrowed time. We have used our intellect to 'cheat' nature and in doing so, we have created a predicament. A predicament has no solution and neither do we if we look at the problem with the same mindset that caused it.

The problem is not how to keep a growing population of 7+ Billion people alive. The problem is determining how many people we can keep alive at any one time without running out of necessities or destroying the environment.

Governments are not lost on this. People in high places are well informed by experts from many different fields of study. So assuming the government knows that there is no solution and that economic collapse and famine will be on our doorstep possibly as soon as tomorrow, how can they and how would they respond?

Currently the military in the USA is the largest consumer of fossil fuels in that country. It's dependency on fossil fuels is nearly one hundred percent. In a shortage due to economic collapse or other factors that prevent the availability and affordability of fossil fuels, the military would be directed home. At the same time, rationing would begin here in the USA and all kinds of hell will break loose. Unemployment will be skyrocketing as well as prices for everything including fuel.

Renewable energy will and is falsely being touted as the saviour of industrial civilization and the government will jump on it when it is left with no choice in order to maintain command and control. Corporations will go along to get along, manufacturing these technologies. Meanwhile the food situation will deteriorate as brownouts and fuel shortages continue to hamper the operations of industrial farming.

Is the government prepared to resolve this issue? No. It's a predicament. Are they prepared to react to the issue? You bet. The government has already contracted for and built expansive facilities designed to contain (imprison?) hundreds of civilians. Members of the armed forces are already being employed at these facilities in preparation.

The most intriguing question surrounding these facilities is whether they were designed for protecting the few or imprisoning the rabble rousers. We can almost be certain that with America's prison system already maxed out, the need for more prisoner housing will be paramount in a crisis of this proportion.

What then of the prisoners? With food scarce, will the government see to it that these troublemakers are fed? Would you feed the 'bad guy' while your children are crying tears of hunger? I think it is highly likely that hundreds of thousands of prisoners across the nation will face starvation and cannibalism in the coming crisis unless they are fortunate enough to be imprisoned in facilities that have the climate and grounds to produce food year round.

Entire cities may become open air prisons where meager supplies are brought in by the government, but nothing and no one gets out alive. The countryside is too vast and disconnected from command and control systems for the government to be rounding people up. Besides, the population concentrations are where the greatest need for control lies. Get out of the city while you still can.

No, the government will not actively starve the population, but since they, or society at large is not freeing the food system from the ravages of fossil fueled soil degrading monocultures and GMOs, they will have to manage the starvation that is certain to ensue.

What is the solution?

As I said earlier, we are in a predicament so there is no 'solution', only triage. And the sooner we accept that, and make sacrifices, the better off we will be and the better our chances of not starving to death.

Of course, in the long run, this depends on how much damage we have already done to the environment and how much more damage is done as a result of the collapse of our industrial civilization.

Here is the best way to prepare yourself:

1) Small communities (150-200) of like minded individuals working together for the following:
2) Learn and acquire the necessary skills and hardware to defend yourself
3) Obtain land that is in reasonable condition to support agriculture
4) Learn and acquire the necessary skills to practice permaculture principles as they apply to agriculture
5) Develop a strict policy regarding reproduction and immigration into your community.

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