Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Environmental Inactivism

Let's face it, Environmental Activism is dead. It's not for lack of effort, rather it is because Environmental Activism is an oxy-moron in a growth based system running up against the limitations of a finite planet.

I propose that we align the name and the tactics to fit what would for all intents and purposes be a more accurate description of the movement and it's goals. So, I came up with an easy change, Environmental Inactivism.

Why? Because it makes sense, why else?

Think about it. Let it settle in for a moment.

All of these various NGO's exist to protect the environment, but what are they proposing to protect the environment from? It would appear that they are intending to protect the earth from the same system they are actively engaged in and in effect, supporting.

What should I do to protect the environment? Should I give money to organizations that proclaim to have the environments interest in mind? Maybe I should start my own NGO?

Both of these paths of action involve supporting and contributing to the same system that is causing the issues we are concerned with in the first place. So how can you be an Environmental Inactivist?

Stop supporting the system, stop supporting all industrial, non-local systems. Stop spending your money. Grow and preserve your own food. Provide for yourself. Do everything you can to NOT be an active participant in our decaying industrial society.

Being a conscious and concerned citizen has much more to do with what you DO NOT do than what you DO do.

DO less, BE more.

Thanks for reading and for joining me on the journey of life.

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