Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peak Oil Resources

This is a post mostly to provide a list of websites that focus on Peak Oil and the coming collapse of industrial civilization. They are sites that I visit frequently. I will put them in order of hopeful to hopeless (Sort of).

Resilience is a great site for what is known as the 'Transition Movement'. The transition movement aims to provide ideas and actions around the concept of transitioning into a low carbon future. There are many good articles on this site, but it primarily assumes that much of the current operating paradigm will remain as is.

Our Finite World is the blog of Gail Tverberg. Gail is an actuary for the insurance industry. Her articles are factual and concise. No nonsence, just the facts mam. Mostly they are based on the idea that Peak Oil will cause financial collapse long before said resource is in terminal decline.

Shit Hits The Fan Plan is more of a scare tactics kind of website but they do have interesting information from time to time. The comments on this site really aren't worth reading in my opinion as the majority of posters are severly right-wing, overtly religious, and lack the general understanding of things like climate change and resource depletion. They (the posters) mostly think the current resource and energy problems are simply a matter of liberal interference in the market and foriegn policy.

This is James Howard Kunstlers blog. He has written several books concerning Peak Oil and resource depletion.

Doomstead Diner is probably one of the best sites for intellectual reading and the theories and issues surrounding resource depletion and societal collapse. All manner of issues are discussed and they have an excellent podcast page as well as an extensive forum.

Collapsenet (From The Wilderness) is the site originally created by Michael Ruppert, author of Crossing The Rubicon. Michael may have been the leading Peak Oil prophet of the nation at one point. They have a good free article collection related to the energy predicament updated daily. However they are a pay site for other features and discussion.

This is Dimitri Orlov's blog. Dimitri is an established author of collapse material and his work is based on his extensive experience with the collapse of the USSR.

This is Ugo Bardi's blog and is an excellent source for Peak Oil/Resource depletion related articles.

Guy is the guy who thinks it is the last inning for the human race and nature, being the bigger opponent is going to win out (Due to climate change) over man leaving him in the large dustbin of failed species.

This site publishes new articles regularly that are well written with excellent tid bits of information here and there.

And finally...

This is Jay Hansons site. It is worth visiting and reading in its entirety. There is a lot of useful information that is well referenced. He even has a plan for how to deal with the issues we face although his plan is a bit communistic for my taste.


As this list may evolve, other sites may be added in the future so check back often.

Thanks for reading and for joining me on the journey of life.

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